Helping Hands in Recovery

About Helping Hands in Recovery

Helping Hands Recovery was established to provide quality recovery treatment services to individuals who are seeking to overcome alcoholism, substance abuse, and other addictions and move forward in their lives in a positive and creative direction.

Our goal is to provide an intimate, serene natural setting where our clients can find the security to explore the personal issues that have led to the addiction and the strength to discover the greater destiny that lies beyond their addiction. Our programs include therapeutic and holistic methods to help our clients regain self-empowerment, improve their physical and emotional health, implement positive change in their lives, maintain their sobriety, and return to society as productive members.

These homes are-like setting offers semi-private rooms with access to outdoor gardens and areas for quiet reflection/daily meetings, budgeting, self-care, menu planning, and healthy meal preparations are among the life skills that we work to rebuild. Health and wellness, nutrition, are included. Helping Hands in Recovery upholds the highest standard of respect for people within our community, ensuring that the Extended Care Housing Program is safe at all times for all.

Help is just a phone call away. Call us now. 215 852 4300